Simplify the process obtaining Tier 4 Thralls

The Relic Hunter Fighter Elite cant be converted? Their conscious bar never dropped.
The process should be less difficult. Right now it takes a lot of time and effort. No one in the server get a T2 worker yet?
I play solo and I think a lot more players choose to be that way. Please dont force us to do hard work as we are clan members. And mind you, Conan clan concept is controversial.

A few suggestions:
. Each player has certain built points. The points will drop every time they place foundations from the center of their base. They will have more build points when they level up. They have points to contribute when they join a clan so then a clan can extend their base. To bring up this idea because there are a lot people claim lands for themself but not really build anything?
. Please extend sun shinning period. The game looks grim most of the time.
. Dungeons right now looks like copy and paste.
. Fix some predator animations. Sabertooth tiger and giant rocknose chew on grass?.
. Defeat a world boss would reward something nice.
Here are some candies you brought. I like it and thank you,

  • Small goblinoid throw chain of punches like a Shao Lin monk. Its real cool and I wish my thrall could do the same but its just wishing.
  • Resource distributed evenly throughout the map.
  • Obtaining recipes from random death thralls.
  • Fixing issue with server lag.

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