Sitpah PvE-C: "Bro: CreativeBuild/Magic/FlyingMount/AoC/ 3x/300/RP+/Deco"

Bro server is up and running. PvE-C: Creative building, Age of Cal, vanity attachments customization, free flying mount at level 120, special pet mounts, massive server hub and merchants. PvP events in the joisting and purge arenas. No Wipe and very active admins. Added the challenging island in the sky with lightsaber mobs!

Added arenas and water magic. Whoohooooo

Added more human thralls to siptah, yippeeee

Flying mount? What mod does provide that? :grinning:

Yippeee come on in - flying griffon, dragon, broom, attachable wings - your pick!

Added Aoc scourge beasts to the land of siptah! Water magic now active. for direct connect. 10 phase Arena quest now being added. more pets!