Skin accessibility. Can spawn in skinned pets without DLC

Game mode: Singleplayer (Only admins have access to this bug)
Type of issue: DLC related. DLC pets can be spawned without owning said DLC.
Server type: PvE
Region: idfk, EU London? I think?

If you have access to the admin panel, attempting to spawn in items related to DLC without owning said DLC will result in a failure to spawn the item. This includes weapons, armor, and pets/pet food. Although if you spawn a DLC-skinned pet from the NPC spawn menu it will in fact spawn with its skin. Using mods like Pickup+ would allow admins to give people DLC content without either party owning any DLC. I’ve reproduced this “bug” without mods, it still functions. I assume it’s a problem because you’re not allowed to spawn in DLC related items, yet you can spawn in the related pets as converted thralls.


  1. Make yourself an admin and go into the admin panel.
  2. Click on the Spawn NPC menu, tick the “Spawn as converted thrall” box.
  3. Search for any DLC pets and click on them to spawn them.

4 (extra). Using the mod pickup+ will allow you to pick this thrall up and drop it in a sack, removing ownership of who placed it first. Upon placing it again it will have a new owner, namely the one who placed it last. Step 4 isn’t really important, it’s just a mod that really allows server admins to take advantage of DLC related content without buying it. It adds unfair publicity to servers who make use of the “bug” since players who haven’t purchased the DLC can run around with the related pet skins. I’ve personally met an admin who offered me the Pict Panther/Tiger (can’t remember tbh) in exchange for my normal tamed panther/tiger, it was like a free upgrade. Skins look great btw.

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Hey @NaomiRoval

Welcome to our community and thanks for the feedback. We’ll relay it to the devs so they can look into it.

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