Skinning visual effects

I don’t know if anyone else gets this, but tap some mob with a skinning knife…and it launches itself 50 yards away, up a cliff. It’s absurd especially when it’s an elephant getting skinned.

I have not seen this one yet. Any chance for a video?

Yep, been there done that several times, whooppeeeee, flying animal corpses…

Yeah that’s common. Wait a bit after it’s dead until the body completely stops moving, then harvest it. That’ll prevent it from flying away. Usually about 5 seconds or so. Sometimes less.

I wondered about that, but was always worried that the corpses would disappear before I got to harvest them, so rapid skinning me…I will wait a bit now since it doesn’t look like the corpses disappear that fast anyway.

Corpses last quite a while, no need to worry about that. You can take down a dozen+ animals and the first corpse will still be there when you’re done.

Okay will not hurry so much anymore.

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