Skipping the official Servers queue

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 5 ps5
Issue Type: Other
Game Mode: Online Private
Server Type: PvP
Map: Exiled Lands both maps
Server Name: 3125 All official Servers

Bug Description:

You can skip the waiting queue by joining the server and leaving the server queue again, if you get lucky and someone leaves the server the moment you join it you skip the queue and join the server. The person who was first in the queue gets a Massage from the server: ,login failed" and gets send back to the Main screen, this works on All official Servers and probably privat Servers. It brakes the queue since many players are abusing it.

(Im Not Sure how it works, but i think if you join the server you get send to the whitelist of the server for 0.5 seconds, and get removed after that time, if the Timing is right you can join the server without waiting in the queue)

It works on ps4/ps5 for every Player, i play in a big Clan and many of the big clans know about the exploit.

Have a good day and i hope you fix this soon.

I like this bug :sweat_smile: but yes all you do is leave queue and keep re joining … although iv only used it to stop zergs filling servers so they can offline raid you :grin:

Yes but the only problem is that allmost all of the Zergs i know do that glitch, if you are a normal player and dont know this glitch, you will never join a server with a queue, since the game sends you to the main screen if someone does the glitch.

I am a normal player … the Zerg of 30 logged on an hour before me and used 4 jhebbal sags while my clan could not load in … what’s fair ? Zerg not filling queues or legit clans trying to defend there base

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This very much sounds like a race condition in the login process.

One method to mitigate this problem would be to apply a two-step process for logging in.

1. Preflight checks

Perform user name / password validation and assign a ticket to the player. Repeatedly leaving and reentering the queue will restart the entire preflight process over again, thereby assigning a new ticket and moving the player in question to the far end of the queue.

2. Actual login

If a player is leaving a server, the next player in line is called by ticket taken. If someone responds, do the login checks again, this time combined with the ticket obtained during the preflight checks. This is necessary to prevent ticket hijacking. If everything is okay, the login proceeds as normal.
If, however, nobody is responding in a reasonable amount of time, the next player in the list is called. This could cause players with an unreliable network connection to lose their turn, but that would be an issue without the preflight checks as well so this doesn’t actually introduce an additional source for problems. The two-stage process cannot necessarily mitigate every DoS attempt, but it can certainly thwart certain methods of attack and exploiting a race condition.

The beauty of this approach is that if a player is doing the preflight checks far too often (to make sure that there aren’t any network problems interfering with the login process, do an occasional pingback to the client - if it responds, the connection has to be deemed alive), he can be blacklisted for some time (e. g. an initial ban of six hours after triggering the block, with increasing length after every subsequent infraction), and attempting to force one’s way in during the ban automatically resets the timer.

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Sounds like a beautyfull approach, but you know funcom, that will bring up a whole bunch of new bugs :joy:

The thing is, implementing this most likely is quite an overhaul of the entire login mechanism so before deploying it to the real world, some extensive testing is required. Implementing it shouldn’t bee too difficult, though.

The idea of applying preflight checks to a transaction isn’t that new, however. One implementation of this is CORS (cross-origin resource sharing) that can be found on the WWW.

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