Solo looking for Server

Solo type, mostly interested in big game hunting and pve/boss slaying, though I do like PVP servers.

Looking for an active RP server that uses PIppi and Pickup+ where solos are welcome and not gimped with lame rules like ‘no map rooms’ or have our wheels deleted while we farm thralls by overzealous admins (Was online when it happened :stuck_out_tongue: lost a Shen and a Tier 4 TM) 10 minutes later, same gm had a wheel set up at the exact position. lol

Am west coast US. if you are interested in an active, undramaitc, nontoxic player who likes to live out of the way in a small footprint and help other players with stuff with a good skill set and writing skills for your server, do please hit me up on steam. My handle is Gjes Jager.

Are you on PS4 or what buddy? If your on PS4 then your in luck.

Im on ps4 and pc. YGdaie what is your ps4 setver? Im interested!

Me and a couple of buddies are running a server that is mainly RP but we are doing PVP on the weekends. We have a ADMIN the enforces rules and making sure that new players do not get messed with. We are currenly getting players for the server but it is paid up for as of right now for 3 months.

Myself and a few friends are looking for a chill place to build cool stuff and run dungeons explore. Mainly pve. Age range late 20s/30s

Steam/PC. Sorry. Probably should have made that more clear. Don’t own it for PS4 but if it was a compelling server I would certainly consider a change of platforms.

My friends and i just got the game and i set up a spare computer i had as a server. we would like to populate it with people and you are more than welcome to join us. pretty laid back group where people are welcome to do as they please. If you are interested shoot me a message.