Someone explain the Equinox event to me


That way i’m not spending 4 hours in Sanctuary asking about it and being ignored


There is a mission giver in Agartha, upstairs near the tree. The first time you pick up a mission, it will ask you to complete 10 waves of the new scenario. There will also be a repeatable mission unlocked after that to complete 5 waves. You get three mission bags for the first, one for the repeatable one.

The waves do not need to be consecutive, you could do wave 1 ten times, as long as you complete it. You don’t need to collect the scenario rewards either, so if you run out of keys you can still complete the side missions. The missions are on regular side mission cool down as far as I am aware.

There is also new Legends, The Druids of Avalon. There is another new section of legends called Stonehenge Simulation which I would guess will stay when the event is over, but not sure about either of these.

For what it’s worth, in the time I’ve been in game since the update I hadn’t seen anyone ask about the event in Sanctuary and not have their question answered, but of course I haven’t been in the game constantly.


To add to what @JLegrasse said above, you can play in the new scenario by pressing Shift + V to access your Activity Finder and selecting Occult Defence from a drop-down menu that will give you a selection of Waves to start from, unlocked depending on your Item Power (up to Elite 5). You can further choose between playing solo or with a partner–either at random from the queue or with player in your group.


when does the Equinox event end? I want the lore


The lore will take you less than an hour to collect.

End: 2 weeks from September 19th. Will be a bi-annual event, spring and autumn.


so Oct 3


Yup! Andy, one of the SWL community managers, indeed confirmed on their last stream that the druids of avalon will leave Agartha on October 3rd. And with that the event will end (as will the availability of the event missions, event missions reward bags + event lore). The equinox event will be run twice a year in September and March.
Maybe also try your luck with questions in the General chat in Agartha as not all (chatty) players are linked into Sanctuary chat :slight_smile: + the SWL discord is also a good place to have a chat and ask some questions (link to the discord shows on the client when starting up the game).


there are even less in Agartha. The pop cap is 50 but it might as well be 10 for all the people i see in Agartha


You might just be in an overflow instance. Or atleast I hope so lol