Sorcery Bat Balance suggestion

There are pretty obvious concerns regarding PvP and bat air drops. There is also the possibility the bat could make mounts and some teleports irrelevant.

I suggest the bats stamina and maneuverability be based directly on the riders encumberance level. Green is no penalty but as you hit Yellow/ >50% its stamina drains faster per % and its climb (ability to fly upwards) capabilities diminish too.

It could get to the point when if you’re overencumbered, it can still pick you up, but could only carry you like 20-30m and could barely get off the ground. Making it unviable for transporting tonnes of items, but still useable as an escape tool or valley crosser.


I think that’s a very good idea!

Like horses are also influenced by the carrying capacity of their rider. Horses can only walk slowly if you are overencumbert. I am in favor of maintaining a certain continuity there

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won’t solve your issue. Stack up your follower with DP, tar, and jars and it will return to you once you are in position on top of the enemy base.

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Explosives shouldn’t be handcrafted anyway.


It wont solve it no, but its an option off the table.

This is it honestly.

Edit: the item description even says “…The very touch of air is enough to ignite the powder…

Wouldnt that mean we need a special set of tools to put it all together anyway?


That would just make raids longer and more boring. Adding boring will never be the way. Beside it has nothing to do with the bat.

The idea isnt bad bro. It might nerf the bat as a way to travel. I believe it should also be limited by other tribes’s claiming in order to limit the ninjaing, and avoid to make every apex base useless.

limiting a bat per clan ? sound good, and makes the sorcerer a easier target if he goes to the base while raiding

Yeah, that’s not happening. When I looked into it, it took about three times as long to get from point A to point B in a simple race of horse v.s. bat, which included navigating around cliffs. And since I had to summon the bat twice to make the trip, it also cost two cloth pouches, which are two pounds each to carry and cost demon blood and gold dust to make. I don’t see people making a habit of carrying twenty cloth pouches all the time just to travel around the map slower than they could with a horse.


i don’t really think the bat or the ice bridge will be good for pvp.

What is even the point of having walls and pillar bases, you are making that only 3 or 4 spots be viable that is usually occupied, in many cases by the same people with different clans.

pillar bases helped to aleviate the issue of having the entire map claimed, now? you have to be suicidal to make a pillar base.

I’m pretty sure all these pillar base doomsday predictions are drastically overblown, just like most other PvP doomsday predictions.

What’s the point of building walls? The same as it’s always been. To create a barrier. And to keep the neighbors from making fun of you when you get undressed to take a bath. Just because a wall can be overcome with a ladder or a drill bit doesn’t mean that the wall is useless.

All you need to do is step away from the idea that you can just build your minecraft box on a stick and expect to be impervious.

Thats good to hear honestly


Its one of the slowest forms of movement in the game.

Here’s my suggestion. Play testlive. And I mean on the online test servers. Not in SP.

Yeah, I’ve been told. This was coming as theory from a viewer (of others messing around).

I mighnt have access to testlive but that doesnt mean my observations are invalid.

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