Sound delays on PS4 Pro

Game mode: [Ofnline | Singleplayer]
Problem: Sound delays
Region: Switzerland

Hallo, the sound in the Game is deleyed everytime. It’s a permanent issue. The foodstep sound, the loot sound and everything others to. I play SP offline on a PS4 Pro. And the “Boost Mode”
on PS4 is activated. Have somebody the same issue, or a solution for the problem?

Thank, for serious answer and no comments :slight_smile:

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Yep terrible , wolf attacks - 5sek later comes the sound lol

Yes sound is bugged/lagged. Waiting for that fix. If I go into settings I can get rid of it for a bit but it always comes back real quick :expressionless::rofl:

Happening to me on a private PS4 server also. I play on a standard PS4.