Sound stops working randomly - Steam


And you have tried to launch the game as admin? I’m admin too on my PC, but if you right click icon and select “Run as Administrator” that does not make difference? I know I asked this before, but just to make sure since you only said that you are admin of your PC, not necessarily said that you manually launched it as admin =) You could change Admin launch for SWL’s app, and if you do play via Steam make sure to do the same for Steam also. Once again, worth of try. You can get there by navigating to SWL folder, right click on SWL and select “Properties”, same for Steam.


I did not know that Windows 10 is annoying and doesn’t run apps as admin if you ARE admin. Wow, Microsoft gets stupider and stupider! Thank you, I will try this tonight and set it to the default!!!

Is there a way to set it (I have developer settings open, even though I’m not a developer, but have been using computers since Commodore 64) to ALWAYS run ALL APPS and PROGRAMS of ALL KINDS as Admin permanently?

I hate that Windows keeps hiding more and more stuff from me with each iteration to make it “easier”.

Give me MS-DOS back, Sheesh!


TBH, I’m ashamed to admit this but I do not know how to make Windows run all apps as admin (with the popup and everything that is) after 4 years in IT-field works :smiley: Never really have needed to make these kind of settings, usually it’s the opposite :smiley: I’m hoping this could fix the audio issues! I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I think after this we could double check your audio settings in Windows, just for you know… Double checking is never bad when it comes to computer stuff :smiley:


I tried. Running as administrator made no difference, but now I always play that way. (The last 3-4 times.) Thanks for that tidbit of information regardless! : D
Oh, do you know how to do that without the pop-up? I find that “this wants to make changes to your computer” dialog box ANNOYING. If I downloaded an installer and run it, I want to change something. *shakes head*


The popup is there for when you didn’t download something and run it. I don’t know if you can disable it in windows 10, you could in older versions but it’s not a clever idea. :v:



That’s what anti-virus and anti-malware software is for, though.


Uninstalled. Deleted all directories I could find that related to any TSW or SWL installs. Waited for days. Reinstalled today.

No sound. Just for SWL. All other games, including other Steam games, the sound works fine. So fraking frustrating.


When you uninstalled the game, did you also delete any remnants of the game’s folder as well as the settings stored in %localappdata%\Funcom\SWL?