[Steam][PvE][AoC][EWWA][Exiled Lands] JAG Gaming brings you a laid back Conan server

J.A.G. now brings you a PvE Conan Exiles Server!

Looking for a fresh start? Like the grind, but not the official one? Want a server that doesn’t wipe? Want a friendly helpful community? Well you are in luck…

J.A.G. bring to you a new AoC EEWA server on the Exiled Lands map. Our rates are middle of the road so it is not to grindy but also does not require you to quit our day job in order to have fun. Right now we are a pretty small community but we have a public market where each clan gets its own thespian to set up a shop of there own. We are in the process of building a mage tower with all the alters for your magic crafting needs as well as an arena that will test you character.

While Conan is new to some of our Ark admins we have brought in a new admin that knows all the ins and outs of Conan. He also helps people out with their AoC quests and is always able to answer questions on what to do next. Currently our events consist of him helping people run though dungeons and beating bosses but once the server get more populated we will host events that can get you anything from in game currency to special mounts from the Exiles Extreme mod.

If you are interested in joining come by our discord 9aqPPtRjuH for full mod list and connection info.