Stop, Drop and Roll


It was your thrall that was dodging?

I think it is…

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Yes, the mod is about them, after all.

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They can roll now? :open_mouth:
You just tripled their IQ!!
Definately a mod I will subscribe to if I get home. :grimacing:

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The new video when I join in the fun with a bow:

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Doesn’t matter one whit if they don’t know when to roll, and keep randomizing from a predetermined moveset whenever it becomes their “turn” to act.

Oh I am glad you brought that up.
When and where they roll is not random.
My mods implement something I came to call “Thrall Spirit”.

The thrall spirit is another actor that is inside their heads, and you might see it when you are using the mod and thrall or the workstation is destroyed, the thrall spirit looks like a small fire that ascend.

What it does is make tracing and reading of environment and interfere with the “Persistent Humanoid” functioning through a component in the various mods. It has a lot of stat gathering, and all mods which deal with thralls use the data for their functions.

I say that all because as we know but often people forget these recent decades, complex problems dont have simple solutions.

In the case of Thrall Skill the dodge serves 3 functions. It is, in its most simple case a damage deterrent. The thrall will in most emergency cases decide to dodge when it is taking sequencial damage if stamina and a second warning is not triggered, dodging into a corner. So if it has stamina and it is not dodging into a corner, they will dodge when taking sequential blows. Second case is “Confusing the Enemy AI”. A thrall will dodge to make a square flanking (it will dodge in a direction and evaluate where the enemy turns to dodge again and try to flank them) should they successfully land a strong combo (according to the weapon it might be 4 or 5 blows).

There is the “strategic dodge”, which occurs when none of the circunstances happen, or the AI dodge has not been used due to stamina depletion or stun sequences, and the thrall has “time” to access the environment. It will make a “loop dodge” and try to go to a seemingly cornered position, and then square dodge to leave the enemy in that position, since me, and by extension, them, know that non thrall AI cant dodge. But we also know they can jump, so a thrall might use dodge to slide under a top cover if it suits the strategic needs.

All that is made by the system of phasing the fight that changes float values and boolean values should the combat met certain criteria.

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Updated the mod to decouple it from thrall levels in the game, as mods which alter the level cap of thralls would conflict with it (thanks to the Discord VIP Drache for the Feedback).

Now you can share up to 25 attribute points with a thrall to build up vitality. Each point will make them more resilient, according to armor and vitality from the core build.
Idealy once the attribute point is given, it is given, so if you give X points to a thrall and they die, those points are lost.