Strength based Range weapons for Thralls

I have been levelling a few thralls for Purge Defence and some of them have a high Ranged Modifier and a high Strength.

I tried equiping them with Star Metal Throwing Axes, either just one or a stack of five. They stand there without throwing. I also tried a 1 hand weapon in the other hand as this previously helped to get them throwing many moons ago (according to an old post).

The test thrall was set to Hold, Aggressive, Aggressive with max range for Attack/Chase.

Am I doing something wrong or do throwing Axes no longer work for thralls?

Is there any other Strength ranged weapons that work?

Yes I can give them a bow, but some have Strength 55+ and Agility around 20 and a Ranged Modifier of 2.2+.

Any tips? Or is it give up on any such thralls?

Thanks in advance.

Have you tried the legendary bows?


Good point. I better try and loot one! Thanks for the tip.

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