Suggestion for private server type

Bearing on another topic suggesting an admin detecting function.

How about a private server that could come with an “official “ FC stamp on it, so to speak.

So it would be a private server, meaning privately funded by player/community, set to all current official PvP server settings, but as part of the rental agreement the buyer agrees to waive any and all admin access to the server for anyone. Since it’s a private server all the written rulings about land claim abuse, massive builds, resource blocking, etc do not apply here and as such admins have no authority to enforce such rules.

So basically a true “anything goes” server type that would come with some kind official stamp on it to certify that players do not have administrative privileges, not even the renter/buyer.

What do you do when you get the cheaters on and they start speed hacking and bombing you through the walls?


That! and what do you do when the person paying for the server gets raided and decides they had enough and stops paying for the server? They won’t keep the lights on for free…

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You can put official in the name of your server. The only thing you cannot do is get sorted by official.


I personally do not support such approach as some of those servers are created with the sole purpose of misleading new players that they are playing on an official server just to end up coming here and complaining that their server disappeared, they were banned, etc. etc. You can’t tell the good from the bad. Furthermore, where private servers do better is exactly the moderation and the fact that they can offer assistance quickly. You would think that people can apply common sense when they don’t play single-player but this has proven difficult over and over again. Do I think that the current moderation on officials is the way to go? No, I don’t! Do I think no moderation is needed at all? I do believe moderation is needed.

Furthermore, who is going to pay for that officially endorsed private server? To host a good private server with good performance you need solid hardware and good ddos protection. This is going to cost you min 120-130 per month. A fair thing would be anyone who wants to play to pay a monthly fee but what would you do without admin rights if someone decides to play without paying?


Private servers are private. Funcom is not going to say a private server is official. That would be confusing, and it would make it sounds like they are sort of responsible for those servers.

You are free to set up any rules you see fit for your private server if you wish to obtain one.

Server prices vary pending company, equipment, number of slots, etc. A 10 player slot server could go as low as $10 per month (approximately). Good luck if you get one.

Granted if you want a PvP server, then it could be costly as Narelle mentions.

High end server such as Server Blend (top equipment) potential costs

image Add another $3.90 for a M.2. SSD instead of a standard SSD.

If you decide to rent full game server (OVH Cloud) sample prices (baseline)

Did you miss the part about “anything goes”?

If one team can do it then so can the other. I personally feel it’s lame when people play like that FC is truly the only ones who can stop but instead they usually want the players to be their own solutions.

Anything goes means you can mesh, brim block, spawn block , dupe, land claim whole biomes, build massive bases……

Not everyone is a sore loser and I already mentioned that as part of the rental/lease agreement the buyer agrees to waive any and all access to the admin panel and privileges and I’m sure it already says “no refunds” in the contract somewhere already.

Yes I know that, and so does everyone else, which is why most private servers stay empty. Without some kind of official stamp by the devs to certify that it is actually an anything goes server it won’t ever get populated.

I’ve seen a number of private servers that are 70/70(x) or even 80/80(x). When single private servers can host populations in excess of the top 10 officials combined… I don’t think the lack of an official tag is causing servers to become empty.

TBH I think what turns people off from my server is:

Low player max - yeah, 15 is low, but I’m working on it! I may be able to score a cheap upgrade soon and bump it up to 40!

Ping - I’m working on that too! Redoing my budget to upgrade my net speeds to 1GB down/up (and no, this wasn’t purely for Conan, there were other reasons for this)

No mods - I know this is a popular thing and totally understand. Just for the sake of compatibility, I keep mine mod-free.

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15 may be fine if you are a PvE server. Probably a PvP server would be considered low. I haven’t had double digit players online at once since early 2020 so 15 would sound fine to me. Granted I pay for 20 on 3 of my 4 servers (16 on my newest one). I use Gportal for my servers.

Good luck though on upgrading your speed and equipment.

Also, the competition for players is very high since there are many servers for a limited number of players.

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@DelRioServerMaster hell yeah. On console no mods is fine, it’s actually preferable imo. But on pc….hell yes, bring the mods.


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