Summon Corpse almost never works

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 4
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Isle of Siptah
Server Name: PS4 Official server #7110 Oceania PvE-Normal The Isle of Siptah

Bug Description:

Summon corpse almost never works. Multiple bases, multiple circles of power, multiple summons, uses mats but no corpse appears.

Bug Reproduction:

  1. Game disconnects due to network error. 2. You log back in but to find yourself dead, naked and spawned into some random location. 3. Run to nearest base and try to summon corpse. Uses mats but no corpse appears. 4. Teleport to another base. Try to summon corpse. Uses mats but no body appears. 5. Keep summon corpse. Keep wasting mats. 6. Try several bases and circles of power. Waste ton of mats. Lose all your best gear. Still no corpse. 7. Eventually get message that no corpse is available to summon. 8. Read forums which shows that multiple people have reported this bug but reports are closed with no resolution; (a) https// (b) https// (c) https// 9. Btw; Most of my bases are a combination of pillars and ceilings, i.e. not regular foundations. Given that the game happily allows you to build a circle of power on such structures, the circle of power should work. Also, it does occasionally work - just hardly ever - making the summon corpse near useless.

It’s common sense that corpse disappear for no reason.
That include your own corpse as well.
Maybe you can try running out of render distance and come back.
It worked for me once. That time I actually teleported away with a map-room and came back to finally see my corpse lying on the circle.


I’ve used it at least a few times and have only had it not visible the second time I used it. As I understand, the body sometimes spawns underneath the circle, making it appear invisible. Going outside the render distance will usually fix it, much like other issues of bodies disappearing or falling through the map.


In this video (I see you already mentioned my post reporting it :wink:) I explained a workaround:

TL;DR: just wait for corpse to decay, the bag will appear in front of you, on the Circle.
Like I explain in the video, I moved the Circle closer to the walls (more stability) and it stopped failing. Maybe it just needed to be rebuilt.

Just theories, so, good luck and good hunting!

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