Tales From the Forgotten Ps4/5 |RP-PVP | 18+

Embark on an extraordinary adventure with Tales from the Forgotten, a brand new role-playing server deeply entrenched in the captivating world of Conan.

Dive headfirst into a realm of immersive role-playing, where PVP enthusiasts will find endless opportunities to showcase their skills. Our server boasts a meticulously crafted lore that seamlessly intertwines with the existing Conan narrative, ensuring a truly authentic experience. No matter your preferred RP style, we extend an invitation for you and your clan to become integral members of our ever-evolving universe.

Prepare to be enthralled by the vibrant towns that dot our landscape, and brace yourself for the occasional caravan that adds a dash of excitement to your journey. With weekly events that promise non-stop thrills, there’s never a dull moment in our realm. We actively encourage players to contribute their own content, enriching our narratives and creating a dynamic environment. Our dedicated staff team eagerly awaits your suggestions, as we strive to foster a community that is constantly growing and evolving.

Join us on this captivating voyage of discovery and transformation, as we unravel the forgotten tales and forge our own destiny in the world of Conan.

Discord: Tales from the Forgotten

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