Tavern furniture in Sepermeru is invisible

Due to the various problems on the Playstation 4 Pro, I recently acquired an Xbox Series S. The game is running much better, but I noticed that the same problem persists on both platforms. Tavern furniture in Sepermeru is invisible, including in the Cellar as well. The shelves, counter and benches are invisible. I had previously reported this problem on the Playstation Platform and it amazes me that you still haven’t fixed it after so many updates. Is there any possibility this will still be fixed in the next update?


what i have found is funcom outsourced support with a outside company that were using software that was not compatible with the engine and that is why a lot of textures are not loading in consoles and might be fixed in chapter 2. just me i doubt it will ever be fixed for consoles and are just better off getting a pc if you want to play this game. i have been having nothing but headaches since the AoS and this is a finished game :unamused:

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Apart from the invisible animals and these invisible furniture, I didn’t have any other problems with the Xbox Series S. On the contrary, the game runs much better than on the Playstation, where these flaws, among others, prevented me from playing. Were it not for these small graphic details, the game would be “perfect” on Xbox.

:disappointed:i tried playing on a friends new Xbox and PS5 and i had no real improvement in performance other than loading times things were still missing and i would fall thru the world in random places and the game still ran bad online what is sad for me it ran just fine on the ps4 until AoS i wish it would revert back to before that update at least i could play offline and still have fun. :anguished: if anything has a bug my luck i find it.

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