Teleporter keeps dissapearing

I have built the teleporter many times now and it keeps dissapearing, i’ve spent hours to gather the materials for it and it is so annoying to do it all over again. It keeps dissapearing, and not knowing that it will be there for the next day makes it hard to place a new one. Is there any way to get the materials back?

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You mean a maproom?
Are you putting it on a big enough foundation?

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It seems that a lot of people are experiencing the same problem as well.

Yet there are many of us who don’t experience it at all. As a programmer, this tells me that this bug can be difficult to pin down and that every little detail about each individual case could help Funcom’s devs diagnose and fix the problem.

Maybe you can do what others did and post the details, so Funcom will have more info?

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Yeah, it was on foundations. I moved it to see if that would work but again, it just vanished with all the mats :frowning:

I understand but if the game lets you build it on that spot it should be ok to have it there right? It is hard to tell details about that, i could take screenshots maybe? But i dont know where and how to post them.

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For starters, it would be useful to fill in the details that the bug report template asks for:

  • Are you playing online or in single-player?
  • If online, which server? Is it official or private?
  • Which game mode (PVE/PVE-C/PVP)?
  • Do you use mods? If yes, which?

That kind of stuff.

As for the screenshots, those would probably help, too. The forum has anti-spam protection that doesn’t let new users upload images, but it’s easy to “graduate” to a normal user:

NEW FORUM ACCOUNTS: Please be aware that newly created users can’t send private messages until a certain threshold has been met, which is to read 5 different posts, 30 different messages, and spend 10 minutes logged in. This is to prevent automated spam.

I know this talks about private messages, but as far as I recall, it also applies to uploading images.

If not, you can always upload them to some place like Imgur and paste the links here.

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I’m being plagued by this too.
Pc,official server 6109 siptah,pve.
All my portals are on round base builds.
Enough to max decay time and are t3.
They are working for days.
I log on and 1 is gone,just the portal and no event loggs for it either.
I replace it then it happens to a different one.
Might be next day might be days later.
I dont have this issue on 5104 pve exiles.

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