Temporany solution for thralls pork! pls read funcom!



Pls Funcom, we are waiting this pork fix on console from months already.
If you need a lot for do it, just put some random reset on officials ( 1 at the beginning of raid time or 1h before).
In EU server we are completely pissed and the servers almost empty all.
PUT THIS RESET. This game is unplayable actually!!
Thralls 1shot every time . Cmon are you serious ? You are Ignoring your f***ing players!

DO IT FUNCOM! It’s just a stupid setting in the server!!!

kkkkkk…Thralls? they are glitching sabertooth already at LATAM.
GOD 1shot sabertooth.
Conan is doomed and funcom is just watching since undermeshes, years ago!
And LATAM is empty too!

wait next year
because according to what they say they correct it next year on ps4

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