Testlive Patch (15.06.2019) - The Warmaker's Sanctuary, Population Revamp, Temperature and more!

Their damage output is supposed to be nerfed, not their tankiness.

I hope that, albeit not being mentioned, includes the ranged weapon discrepancy between fighter and archer thralls.

Love this glad you’re not announcing everything. I want to find it on my own. Keeps things fresh.

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Please provide a full list of changes to existing things though, those where severly lacking in the past.

Especially that small number shuffling on weapons or tools.

It’s kinda frustrating when you have to download the devkit to see which are now actually the to go for items after a patch since some essential stats (harvesting power on tools for example) is not displayed in game.

Can confirm this, i had a base in testlive, they were flying when logged on after update

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There is a post somewhere that tested.
Verified 9900 HP still.
Verified it took more time (3x as long) than a named fighter to kill a boss. Survived, but lost about 70% of the health while doing it.

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Yep, @Barnes posted his finding on this here:


I do lot tests in singleplayer.
I love mostly my nutshell, so yes, why not. Sure some stuff may be done for more people, but it’s your world, so you can adapte it to fit. And hey, it’s for the science after all ! :wink:

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Some pretty new ideas was coming up lately on the stream, especialy also with singleplayers in mind.

I get it that the rewards wasn’t your cup of tea. After i don’t run the dungeon for the rewards mostly, new recipes exepted of course. But mostly do it for my fun, to explore them, and also to shoot pictures. I have redone some just for the pictures, like the midnight-grove, the Jhebals awakening and such. Again, that’s me. :smile:

The dungeon is not the only piece of content in this patch and funcom can’t make all people happy regardless of what they come up with. If you are tired of the vanilla gameplay, you could try some mods provided that you play on PC.

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omg, poison for undeads :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: applies 10 stacks which drain the hp :smiley:



Those figures are from prior to the Warmaker Patch. If I continue with making content for this game I will need another shoot of the Bearer’s fights. Of course the Bandit Leader is going to be gone, so the head-to-head match ready to be released won’t matter either. But hey, we’ve got numbers on some other worthless fighters thanks to me!


What new loot? New weapons and armors? A flail maybe? Staffs? Nunchucks

There are about 4-5 new armor sets, a few single pieces, about 10-15 new weapons (don’t know how many exactly but a lot of new ones), new consumables (food, drinks, buffs), 3 new types of arrows, some rp accessories, some placeables, new pets, new potions, new resources (to craft some of the new stuff), legendary armor kits.

Lions? Monkeys?

Lions, Monkeys, Yetis, Big Elephants

By new weapons you mean new new like new like katana new

No, but there are some new weapon effects and interesting stats.

Aww I was hoping for like a flail (spike ball and chain)

Yes, tried it before, it’s very nice.

I was attacked around my base by a wanderer from the mounds, and got so this little potion, sure i needed to try it out on the next undead, and it worked great.

Totally! The variety of building peace’s good be ramped up! As well as placeables in general. Would love to have more different purposed houses