Text Error - Word Cannot be Used

I found another word that cannot be used.


I may start a full list of dumb words being banned. This word has been used before within Conan and now it’s banned. Why are we banning basic words?
Don’t push this as an Microsoft ban, because it’s not. I can use that word and many others elsewhere. But every time I’ve brought up banned words, I get the ol’ “It’s Microsoft, not us message.”

I get banning certain words because they can be used in bad ways, but there are an extreme amount that is common English words used in daily life that get banned. Such as: Could, eyes, blood, assassin. I know assassin isn’t a normal daily word, but it’s legit in the game. :confused:


That’s because that used to be the correct answer. The game getting its own banned word list is a (relatively) more recent change.

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Back when people on Xbox reported eye could not be used on Xbox I could on PS5 will try on Playstation this weekend :unamused:. @AudaciousJace if you don’t hear back from me send me a message this old mans memory isn’t what it used to be.

Like @sestus2009 , I too play on PlayStation, but I will say there’s some pretty dumb words that have been removed the list of acceptable words. My favorite being “Sheila,” which was one of my thralls’ names. :unamused:

My assumption, as others have also speculated, is that Funcom implemented a generic censorship system and didn’t actually curate it to their own uses. It just indiscriminately voids whatever was likely put into the system to begin with. Obviously any names and words used by the game is overridden, but anything a player uses will be omitted. It can be quite frustrating. However, I WILL say I’ve heard “blood” being an issue with some, but I’ve never experienced it as I have plenty of chests labeled “Demon Blood” and the like. That MAY be a Microsoft issue, but I can’t say for certain as I don’t have an Xbox.


Sheila is a Australian term for various female forms that evidently goes against political correctness

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I looked up other words that might have been banned and have found that some people can use certain words on signs and notes but not the thralls. I’ve been able to use Sheila on thralls and signs.

But, the correlation between a lot of the words I’ve seen banned versus other games that have the same banned words, is the overlord that owns the game companies. I don’t want to get banned for saying their name, but let’s just say “Dimechange”.

I saw users of PUBG complaining they couldn’t use basic words that are already in the game, like Sniper. Which is wild. I’m just tired that a mature game has these types of censorship. I own a RP server and provide immersion for my players, so when I write notes upon notes for lore and story, I have to manipulate my words that get censored by using ()'s around sections of the words. Like, one of the most common, which I get but also at the same time can be done other ways with gamertags, is “of a great” Or any string that connects “F” “a” and “G” together. I feel as though I have had a stroke while trying to write things in different ways.

Blood is useable again, but Devil isn’t.


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Hmm… might have to try renaming Shelly back to Shiela then. Maybe they fixed that since I last mentioned it on here. Then again, it seems there’s been some differences between versions on this… so… idk? We’ll see. I’ll report my findings.

EDIT: just tried… it did not work on my server. Could be a platform difference? Idk? It is weird though.

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