The black phalanx

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I was browsing the wiki page and came across a shield called The Black Phalanx but after a google search i still have no idea where this shield is to be found, other than that is suppose to be from Isle of Siptah?

Is this shield still in the game, or was it some kind of event item?

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Have you tried spawning it in offline game? Never heard of it till now maybe something you learn after busting a shield in bench using??? Stuff offline now have not been on Siptah lately can remember bench name. @n0x

You can spawn it in during offline play, yeah :slight_smile:
Havent tried the bench thing yet actually
I´m gonna try and get back to ya, thanks for the advice!

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Sure you are welcome going to take a nap. Been a weird day :confused:. @n0x

It is dropped by one of the three Forlorn Souls. I don’t know which one spawns in which location though, so I can’t say which one is the one to kill for it.

It is not on the wiki yet because I have not added the Forlorn Souls’ loot yet, but they are literally on my current queue of Siptah boss loot to add.

Edit: Ok, I added their loot now, but still lacking location information.

Thanks a bunch! :slight_smile:

im gonna try finding them, if i get some location information i will add here.

Thanks all

this shield does not drop, the one that does has the same art is maelstrom bulwark, (i htink it is called that)

I’m not going off appearances. The loot lists are being datamined.

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it drops , just got it today and thanks a lot Tephra it helped me a lot . you can find them at this
in -i10-h9-i9

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