The Blood Lands - Active PS4 60 slots - Discord Community

“The Blood Lands”

We have a very active PVP server with a large great community! it has 60 slots, and usually has about 40 people or so online at a time give or take. we have a trading post, thrall auctions, a Colosseum where we host boss events, clan vs clan, 1v1 etc, a two story labryinth with dead ends, dungeons, bosses, and legendary loot, and an archery obstacle course where exiles compete for prizes such as named thralls, Bows, and gold that can be spent at the trading post, or thrall auctions. we also have a great discord channel where we all chat, coordinate events, trades, and recruiting. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me on twitter, discord, or add me on ps4 - Gaugedr34gtr