The Community RP Server

The Community RP offers a lightly-modded voice roleplay server with individuals possessing a passion for Conan Exiles, creating and sharing stories with both seasoned roleplayers and newer roleplayers alike. Our team takes pride in community engagement and feedback as part of our commitment to provide a welcoming and satisfying roleplay experience. We believe that the world of Conan’s original lore is vast and interesting, and creates an excellent basis for building individual lore.

Current capacity is 30 people with room (and funding) for growth. This is an age 18+ server.

Notable server settings:
5x exp 5x collection rate
Lower thirst and hunger loss
Longer days and nights

Less Building Placement Restrictions (No NPC Camp Building)
Glass Constructions and more GCam down to 60
Roleplay Gear
RP Aesthetics
Crafty Counters

Join us by searching “The Community RP” in game.