The Corvid Collective is looking for more players

The Corvid Collective:

Castle focused pvp server strongly centered around sieges of bases instead of just raiding.

No Offline raiding. No Jars. No Vaults. x5 rates.

Meant to be a server for those wanting to RP or dabble in it, casual players who might only have an hour to play a day, noobs still learning the game, and veteran players who might want to take a break from the other more hardcore servers.



Black Ice Building Kit

Dark Age Building


Tier 4 Thralls – Mild Increased Spawn

Improved Quality of Life


Less Building Placement Restrictions

LBPR: Fish and Shell Trap Bug Fix

LBPR: Additional Features


Hosav’s Custom UI Mod – Revamped

Nice non-toxic server with thorough rules. Smooth server. Consistent daily restart.

Building Rules - fair rules, reduce clutters, 25x25 main base, 11x11 outpost, enough to build great fortress.

PvP Rules - awesome, no dogpiling, no thrall hunting, no pvp in dungeons. Straightforward, simple.

Raid Rules - This is the highlight of this server! No offline raiding and banner systems (look in discord for more details). No more toxic raidings! Great experience for all parties involved.

Region Wars - A fine addition to my collection! cough cough

Recommended 10/10