The Crimson Rose if looking for new members! Let's raid and wreak some fools! (3× xp and harvest)

Hello! My name is Storm and im looking for players to join my clan on a 3× XP and Harvest RP server. Those of you that like to RP this would be the perfect oppertunity to wreak some fools in game.

What is The Crimson Rose?

The Crimson Rose is a guild or league of Rogues, Assassin’s, pirates and misfits. We hold a code to always protect our own no matter the cost.

The current story line that is happening in game is war. A group of mitra followers paladins are starting to get too cocky and my group doesn’t like it won bit. Which is why we need you! Join our clan and put a stop to this groups advancment in land claim.

My character is one of the leaders of the Crimson Rose, if you are interest in joining us and this band of misfits please message me here or contact me on discord. My name is StormTrooperGrl #2587.

Hope to hear from you soon! Let’s make this mitra group bleed!!