The current PlayStation experience - videos

There has been a lot of discussion regarding the current state of the game on the PlayStation

I decided to record my gameplay session last night and share it here for others to get a first hand impression of what folks are currently experiencing.

This is not the worst experience I have had over the past few weeks with the game, but it does show some of the more frequently encountered issues for users on the PlayStation.

I played for about 5 hours.
I experienced several freezes, and one crash at login.
Throughout the videos you can see various issues with texture rendering, assests rendering in, network hitches, and some other wonky stuff.

I am using a PS4, the game is installed on an external drive, and I have a hardwired high speed connection.

Official PVE Server 3500

for your viewing pleasure:


If that’s official pve then I’m not surprised the amount of players that don’t have a problem with the tos because you all live with the Great Wall of China outside your base. All things considered watching the first 5 minutes of your video it wasn’t as bad as I would have guessed. The game runs smother on a newer console or pc it’s just the way it is.

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3500 is an American server! A friend asked for help on this server and I jumped in to help him! I farmed some days for him but he never logged in to collect because he had issues with his internet. Finally I let everything to decay. It’s by far one of the worst pve servers I ever participated, by far! Huge builds with ANIMAL PENS… like they give something :person_facepalming:t3:.
This server doesn’t worth it m8, you lag constantly, you crush constantly, people there respect nothing at all. However I met a couple players that they were really kind and logical. They said that they wait for the server transfer to go away from there and never come back…
3500 is tragic!

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That’s why I don’t play on official PvE servers. Today I tried to log in to one where I used to play. I appeared next to a giant base. So large the hi res textures for my character never actually loaded. And he was running with low res smooth skin like a doll :slight_smile: Never again. I


Not sure how anyone plays with a Single-chip processor these days and If you have the standard 8GB in the PS4, I have that much just on my GPU alone. You have my sympathy, FC reeled in the PS4 players.


I’ve come to realize that this is just a fact of life for PlayStation post-3.0. Idk what they did, but they broke it. Even on PS5 it can get bad. I have a large base on EL that can cause crashes on PS4, but on PS5 it was fine. Now it breaks the textures on characters. It also crashes 99% of the time after coming through a transportory stone.


So true, every time I decided to teleport it was 50-50!


You’re using a generation behind hardware for a live service game updated to current-gen, and you installed it on an external drive which can make any game run up to 90% slower.

Have you considered not doing either of those things? Even switching from external to internal storage I guarantee you will at least double your performance.

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Yep on console is a external drive the hell. :joy:

They are still marketing the game on that platform. So customers have every reason to expect it to function reliably.

If it’s no longer able to function on that platform, Funcom needs to cease selling it there.
Alternatively, have a final stability update for that version of the game and then leave it in a finished state.
Cyberpunk 2077 has this issue. Got a final update to help performance on the PS4, and is now in a completed state on that platform while PS5 updates continue.
The problem here is that Conan Exiles didn’t launch in PS4 in the deplorable state it currently is in. So it is more complicated to get the feet in the fire for later malign neglect.


Pretty much this. FC needs to fix the PS4 issues or just refund peoples money. We know the latter wont happen, so get to fixing FC.

I have a great PC rig, and rarely have issues, but this, teleporting thru the stones, gives me huge graphics lag. I think they need to tone down the fire.


Maybe the graphics on PS5 are worse, but so far I had no problems using the transportory stones. It’s really cool and finaly dancers are truly important. I have many other problems though, the worse being textures going on and off in cycles after a while playing. It must be that bottleneck effect Ignasio talked about, but I know nothing about that…
Still, this update brought tons of cool stuff. I honestly hope they can make it work properly.

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WTF are those buildings? :open_mouth:

Zendesk people!!! CLEANUP ON AISLE 3500 :joy:

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In the past, it has been recommended to install the game on an external drive for better performance, has that guidance changed?
Are you certain that performance will be better if the game is installed on the console, instead of an external drive?
It will be a big time sink to transfer the game, if I do this and I don’t see an improvement, I will be annoyed.

Conan Exiles is a PlayStation 4 game.
I realize that it is an aging console, so if the Company cannot get the game to run in a stable state on this platform, it needs to make some sort of statement to that affect and give the PS4 version an end date.

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No thank you! I do not need refund, I need the truth, honesty!

I cannot support this console more than you see! I 'll do just the basics.

If I know this, then I play and pay the game with my own responsibility.

But for ps5 the game must be perfect!

It still suffers from performance issues and rendering issues but it is certainly night and day compared to ps2 I mean 4



That has literally never been the case for any game on any system, ever. That is the exact opposite of what’s recommended.


hmmm, i did a bit of searching because I was fairly confident I had received guidance to install on an external drive in the past.

I found few comments that do in fact seem to suggest I should be installing the game to an external drive:

Color me confused at this point…

Both of these examples are to determine if the issue is a failing internal drive. That doesn’t mean external is better performance, unless your internal is failing. Which if it is, that’s usually a sign you should get a new one overall.

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