The Eyes Have It

**The Eyes Have It**

[TLDR: Viper (An Orochi operative) is still disturbed by a fight she had with one of Aath’s kids - The older Faolán to be exact. The fight, and aftermath, is described in detail in the story “Once Upon A Sandstorm”]

The woman sat bolt upright, clutching at her throat, emitting a strangled cry in her fright. Even after turning on the light, the sapphire blue eyes remain in her vision. She is then left to shiver as her sweat soaked body starts to dry in the air-conditioning or is it the fear.

She had been woken with this dream regularly for the last few weeks. Ever since that disastrous raid on the Bedouin camp. The raid where she’d lost two of her squad and Breaker had his right arm ripped off. Shit! … even she’d suffered wounds so severe that if it wasn’t for the squad’s 68-Whiskey they both would have died.

The first time she’d seen those eyes, those terrifying glowing eyes was on that day. They belonged to the biggest fv#<ing wolf she’d ever seen. At the time it was trying to tear the head off of her and Breaker’s eventual saviour, Hatch … their 68-Whiskey or Combat Medic.

Apparently, he was saved because the wolf’s fangs had got caught up on his helmet and his harness. The scars this left on his shoulder made his actions to save her and Breaker even more impressive.

She had already been badly wounded, dazed and was only just conscious. But she knew she had to do something. She found the strength to raise her only functioning arm and fired one shot. That shot sent a wave of pain through her battered and crushed body and caused her to drop her trusty Colt.

She was uncertain if the bullet had struck the beast, but it turned its head and stared at her with those eyes. That wasn’t the scariest part. That part was the uninvited vision she was given as it leapt away over an embankment. That of the wolf standing over her and slowly biting into her throat. She could still ‘feel’ the teeth breaking flesh and the tug as its jaws started to jerk left and right. Mercifully she’d then fallen unconscious.

This vision … premonition … was the dream that kept waking her.

Slamming a fist into her thigh, “For fv#<s sake, get a grip … you’re Megan Taylor … ‘Viper’, a Team leader!”

She takes a number of deep controlled breaths attempting to get her fear under control … but the beast’s hatred is palpable, and she can still feel those fangs at her throat.

Awake, Megan can still see those eyes.

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