The General Event Guide

What is a "general event guide"?

All larger events in SWL have many things in common. If you've played one event, you will probably know how most of the things work. But seeing as chat is flooded with the same general question every time a new event comes around, here's a guide that will cover the general traits of all events.

The Raids

All large events have raids.


Event main raids are launched from the northern portal on the Agartha Mall platform (red arrow). Some events may have other additional raids, and these are most often launched from other places on that same platform.


All main raids start at two minutes past the hour, e.g. 11.02, 12.02, 13.02, 14.02 etc. The portal stays open for about 10 minutes. Note that some events have the same raid boss each time, others will rotate different bosses.

Some events also have special raids. When such special raids are open, it will be announced by text on screen while you reside in Agartha.

Do I need to join a group?

No. Just run into the portal when it opens and you will be grouped with 39 other people.

Are there level restrictions?

No, and you will get a buff to boost you to the same level as everyone else. The only requirement is that you've reached Boone in Kingsmouth Town (unverified, it may be simply reaching Agartha).


Event loot comes in many different forms:

Daily login rewards

Events have daily login rewards, most often an item (AP/SP, distillates, imbuers, catalysts shards and such) given up front plus a special event container. The event container contain the exact same items for everyone and the items are given in a fixed order.

Note that these rewards are per character, so if you’re an altoholic, you may claim daily login on each of your characters.

I can't open the special event container!

To open the special event container you need a buff called Anima Surge. You receive that buff when you do and win the hourly raid. The buff will last for five minutes so open your container during that window. The buff will be consumed, so you need to do one raid per container if you've saved up some containers.

Raid loot

Both the hourly raid and other raids will provide you with loot. Some directly via the mission being completed (the mission is given to you automatically), but most in the form of a bag. The bag will always give you something (distillates and maybe somthing related to the event) but may also give you something extra (clothing, pets) if you're lucky.

I didn't get any loot!

You did. Promise. First of all, always make sure you have "Item Loot" active in one of your chat windows. Preferably a window without any chatter. Most things you get will pop up there (anima shards is one of the exceptions).

Also, clothing is often awarded directly to your wardrobe and will not be an item in your inventory. Exceptions exists.

Lastly, if you didn’t get anything in your inventory and nothing is to be shown in your “Item Loot” chat, then you probably already owned the item (from past events or from TSW), or you have gotten all items that are given by the event container. In that case the game will award you with anima shards.

Can I trade loot?

Some. Not all.


Events in SWL require very little coordination compared to TSW when you first know what to do. Most things can be solved and are annouced in #general chat, although some still swear to the #event channel that was created during TSW where player coordination was a huge part of the event.