The Global sad

Im a returning player, and its sad to see how the global chat is…
Srsly, …have no words., ists just sad…at Crom

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Seems Global Chat in most games get’s that way. I usually have mine turned off.

You think aoc is the most toxic community ever? Clearly you’ve never played league of legends. Even wow chat is worse by far. You sound like you live in a bubble. aoc chat is quite tame these days.

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No, i have not played LoL, and will never happend.
What i meant, back in the days there was about never this… I know, when Fury came to crom, it got even worse…
I remembef aoc as a mature game…but now, its “13-14y im so cool behind my screen” game.

Or for every MMO you mean Hello Kitty MMO & company or you was in single player games. Apart this is become a fashionable term, abused and used improperly, as troll, the only way to define AoC toxic is to have tryed only AOC.
try going for a ride on SWTOR, WOW, Ancheage, LOL or any other game to understand what toxic community means. AoC’s comunity is not toxic, it’s just grotesque.

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You can create your own chat tabs and customize what chat channels show up. Have one with global and if you don’t want to see it, switch to a tab without it. Not really going to miss much.

I have a tab with just Guild, Raid, Tell, and say. I rarely look at NPH, Global, LFG, or the local (Like Stygian).

I wonder, were these regional chats ever used by anyone? ^^ I remember back in 2009 when I started playing these chats had no messages in them at any time.

The global is mostly dominated by a few individuals. Just use the ignore function and you are fine.

You do not have to read those people, you do not have to play with them (exept minis and raidfinder), and as those chat warriors are busy typing nonsense into the chat they do not even play the game. None of them even can play their characters. They are just the slime that floats on the surface of the ocean of AoC, nothing more. Like in every other online environment, it is nothing new, it is by far not limited to AoC, and the solution was, is and will be always the same: ignore them.

Suggestion: accountwide friend- and ignorelists!


i was banned once on 3 days…now i am banned again…do you know how long second ban lasts…i didnt even get explanation…

No when you receive a ban you get no warning or notification.

First offense in any 6 month period is a 24 hour ban. 2nd offense is 3 days. 3rd offense is 7 and 4th is permanent.

your violation count resets about 6 months after your first offense. So if you haven’t been banned in the last 6 months it should only be 24 hours. If you were out for 3 days within the last 6 months then you are looking at a week off.

i may be wrong on this btw, you should email for an explanation. They will usually tell you the length of the ban as well. It is probably linked to your global trolling. You need to tone that down. No gross sexual profanity is permitted.

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thx for info bro/sis… so its 7 days i see…thx a lot man…when you see me in game message me we can have a drink in Purple Tavern…dude what sexual profanity? lol :D…hahah am not into that on global… haha


BDO has the most toxic community ever.

BDO is nowhere near as bad as this game. My entire guild has global turned off. If it isnt someone calling Funcom the worst company, AoC the worst game, then they are crying about PvP or spamming nonsense.

Its only good for Shtposting now. BDO just has smack talk and a few complainers like every other game.

I notice it’s just a hand full of toxic players. They generally use their different toons to insight controversial discussion, but always ends up in abuse and name calling. It would be really nice if an admin just monitored chat and banned these nasty toxic players.

You can petition players you think are being abusive and if they are violating the rules they will get banned.

I would like to second the accountwide friend and ignore lists!

Ignore works but I would add the rules listed for the forums would be a good guide for in game chat. Trash talk is part of the game is fine but often chat goes to far and is annoying. It’s fine to petition but rarely do we know if action is taken. It’s best to ignore but I do wonder how many people quit because of the sometimes toxic chat.

If the forum rules applied to the game then anzu would have banned everyone by now.

There really shouldn’t be much rules to begin with on what people can say, if words offend or hurt you. you are not tough enough to be in internet to begin with. Ignore is more than enough