The Grand Arena for PvE & Pvp

Our New Battle Arena, will also be for PvP along with batting boss’.Front entrance for spectators and competitors. …

Birds eye view of the Arena. Inside the Arena. Kitchen & Tavern area under the arena. Passage ways under the arena. The Hospital under the Arena for the competitors . Wild animals cages under the arena. One of the 3 entrances to the area under the arena. One of the 4 competitors rooms under the arena. bandicam%202019-09-17%2016-44-08-154 bandicam%202019-09-17%2016-44-15-309 bandicam%202019-09-17%2016-44-27-181 Where are you gonna run to bad boy when the cops come for you??? The 5 cell Prison under the arena…bandicam%202019-09-17%2016-44-36-114 Competitors entrance to the arena. Spectators entrance to the observation terrace and their area. Animal and Boss entrance to the Arena.


Nice :smiley:
Which mods were used?

That is very nicely done will have to show my wife tonight now she will want a PC.

I only run the following 12 mods in my server as they are the most trouble free and have most all that we need for RP and building.

Thanks :smiley:

Amazing build! Looks like a fantastic arena! Many bloody battles will occur in that arena I hope.

Wow, I am really amazed. :slight_smile:

Well done Harby! Well done! For those of you that want to check out this server more information can be found here.