Tired of trolls? Terrible “alphas” who kill your server by raiding all the new weak players?

This is an active RP optional pvp/drop on death server with a clanless impartial admin who only intends on enforcing the rules and growing the community. No Obelisk, resource blocking, grief building, spam, or real world racism allowed. Only mod added is Pippi. Admin run pvp events such as an arena with rewards are currently in the works. Relaxed and new players who are looking for a helpful server to call their home are welcome and encouraged to join! No wipes to take all your hard earned stuff, only a brief daily reset to keep crashes away. Player feedback and suggestions are also welcome as we plan on growing and supporting the community that comes to join! Raid times are 6pm to Midnight pst and we discourage the destruction of all new players bases. Come check us out and help us grow, as we’ll be happy to have you!

Edited with a much better description!

Server discord link! Admin run treasure hunt starting in the next couple of days! Population has been steadily growing!

Sounds good!:heart_eyes:

A HUGE pvp/event arena was just built! come check it out!

2 battle masters finished in the arena! Fight harder and harder foes and reap the rewards of the battle masters! Many more battle masters to be added. Each with their own rewards and challenges.

I can’t join Kali :frowning: (The discord) or the server

discord doesn’t work