The Mortal Realms (NA-PC-Custom PvP)

The Mortal Realms - Custom PVP - Dedicated - NA-PC-English

Hello! everyone!

I would like to invite everyone to join The Mortal Realms, PvP server. We have a dedicated server that stays up to date on patches, griefers, exploiters and much much more. We do have an active admin team to help the player base and do not abuse the administrative rights.

We have a great admin team that has events usually every other day! Last night was a player hunt!!

I am looking to build an awesome Conan community, I have the following perks and upcoming events,

  • Randomly spawned chests ( Yes they are out there, I like to hide them, a majority is a great loot)
  • Custom NPC camps / Loot & Weekend Warrior Camps
  • PVP arena that will have tournaments
  • Server events
  • Xp is at 1.2x
  • Harvesting 2x
  • Building raids are on weekends 12pm - 8pm CST
  • PVP at all times, corpse looting
  • No Avatars (This shifts power to quickly)
  • Clan sizes are 8

People ask why we have a weekend warrior camp, well you can find great loot in them, and it also opens up an element of pvp, and we want contested area’s and open pvp. Once I finish the first item mod, they will drop in those area’s.

Upcoming Features,

  • Custom loot
  • Custom recipes, loot, items, and effects.

I have a lot I would like to accomplish, and have a solid player base to do it with.


  1. Don’t camp people or grief them, I get it, people :hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts: you off, but, deal with it and move on.
  2. NO to Power clans that join just to grief destroy everything and leave.
  3. NO Harassment, it falls on number 1 as well.
  4. We do not abuse our administrative rights, Anyone caught will be brought to justice by the court of Dain.


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