The Never Ending "Loading Screen" Story

The past attempts did not result in useful information to find a solution and we had to go back to the drawing board several times in order to actually figure out what’s going on. This time we’re pulling live DBs from affected servers to try and trace the issue.

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Hello Andy,

I have followed this thread for a long time and have made an account following your recent replies on the current progress on understanding this issue. I have a few questions.

Firstly, from the community team’s previous statements, there has been progress attempting to deduce the issue. However, your recent reply stating that all supposed progress has been meaningless, if not, negligible towards understanding the true cause of the issue.

Can you confirm that the progress the team has mentioned in the previous team posts within this thread are now void in the context of the current progress of understanding the issue?


Right now the people in charge of the task are working with G-Portal to get debugging done directly from affected servers (3041 and 3522 are cited) and then take those DBs to try and reproduce the issue on internal test servers and go from there.

The last update we got from developers looking into the matter was earlier today and they’re hopeful looking at 3522’s DB in particular will turn up more info. Fingers crossed, but we won’t hear more tonight - and this isn’t a guarantee this’ll be what leads us to a solution. We can hope!

A few leads indeed ended up in dead ends, so some of the past info we posted in this thread is indeed null and void, sadly.


Thanks a lot @AndyB

I know that things can change as you move through the various steps troubleshooting situations like this. This helps clear things up.

I appreciate the transparency on the progress as well, this is the type of information that gives me confidence the issue is actively being worked on by the Team.

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Thanks for the response,
bad news is better than no news.
Please keep us informed.
We sure would all appreciate it.
Thanks for your continued endeavour for all us Exiles @Community

To clarify what @AndyB posted above, we have identified the issue. However, it is at the stage of finding a reliable repro case where we’re finding the dead ends and currently investigating.

Having a reliable reproduction step of an issue is the most critical step towards fixing a bug. We have again a few leads we’re now investigating, and we hope to have better news to share soon.


Thanks for the update @Ignasi
I know we (me) can be hard on you guys, both the Community Staff, and the Dev Team, sometimes.

Please know, that even though I am often frustrated, I do appreciate the continued efforts to improve the game I enjoy very much playing. (I wouldn’t be as frustrated if I didn’t actually like the game as much as I do.)


You HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME… so after months of not being able to log into our server (3828) today i tried again for the millionth time. Low and behold, i get in! What are the odds? I was ecstatic, like a fat kid eating cake! I quickly sent my clansman pictures of myself inside of our base that we haven’t seen in what feels like ages. I couldn’t believe my eyes! I was standing in our wonderful base, fully furnished just like we left it. Blacksmiths beating iron, carpenters sawing wood, torches crackling… my home away from home. I was where i love to be and it WAS an absolutely marvelous feeling!
After a few minutes of running around our lovely base soaking it all up, still in shock might i add. I quickly realized something wasn’t right. I run out of our base and pan around the area for and few seconds and notice that every one of our fighter and pet thralls are gone! My heart dropped to the bottom of my stomach. Our clan had 99 OF THEM! All max leveled named fighters and pets! GONE!! Absolutely disgusting!
After checking the event log, i find out that fighters and pets decay??? I had know idea thralls had a decay timer. I’m pretty sure the vast majority of players didn’t know this. Otherwise we would have asked for this to be turned off when the base decay was turned off…with that said, I am absolutely sure that the devs know about decaying thralls…
So the big question here is, why haven’t they been turned off??? @AndyB @Ignasi


O no… i can cry already… knowing this…


@RootsRemain four nice bases sitting there vulnerable to a purge, I’m not about to grind those thralls again lol we had multiple of every thrall worth having not to mention geared out with swords of crom, predatory blades, yogs touch, that all needed to be grinded for and looted not to mention all top fighters wearing champion armor, black keep armor and so on that all needed to be grinded for. When the server was running players old thralls would sit in the server forever it seemed until we got tired of looking at them and bleed them with spike traps but you know the funcommodel let’s make a poor product but push out attractive content that we wont keep up to lure in even more dummies .


@Madman92981 I’m so overwhelmed, frustrated and sick to my stomach i didn’t even think of all of our weapons and armor… Excuse me while I vomit out of both ends :face_vomiting::poop:


I swear to crap man this Game is like Crom.

Just when Im starting to chillax a little bit, a mountain of pain drops out of the sky squashing the daisies, which never really did anything to anyone, but Crom didn’t like how white they were so…


Well i guess ill try logging in 3828 right now myself… Prepare for a rant im sure…

How early did you try to get in?


@TreyRex92 good luck, i got in around 1pm central time… i was going to ride around on my horse to check your base and other allie bases but my horse that i had from day 1 of playing this game is no longer with us(r.i.p Sabbath) and i noticed our neighbors thralls were gone. Then suddenly my controller shorted out from the tears that were pouring from my eyes…


Hello Ignasis,

It is concerning that the progress on the issue has been stagnant. This is especially true since you commented on May 10th that the issue had been labeled as category A (Critical), which was 32 days ago, or 4 full business weeks.

Also, hearing from RootsRemain that the in-game timers for thrall decay have not been turned off is extremely regrettable. This information leads into my question.

Are thrall decay timers impossible for the team to turn off?


To say this thread just escalated quickly is an understatement.

Based on @RootsRemain post we clearly lost all thralls/pets due to not logging in. My clan collected so many rare things and now it’s all gone along with all the rare weapons and armors on them lol this is a joke.

Wipe the servers and start over I don’t even care anymore I believe I’m finished following this. I played PVEc so I could enjoy building and collecting rare things alongside the occasional oops we didn’t mean for you to knock out that thrall and tame it.

Years worth of collecting thrall and leveling down the drain because of a stupid patch that helped no one, Meanwhile you all still release a DLC after and expect people to pay for it like everything is fine and dandy.

Im glad I didnt buy Siptah and anyone that was affected by this PVEc mess that did buy Siptah you’re a fool for supporting this game.

The only way to even rectify this is to restore backups of the databases from a month ago. Im 100% sure with the number of servers they have no way are they taking backups of every server.

This quote takes the cake and now its sounds like its being re-tracked.

So I say GG to you FC and everyone else that wants to still take part in this S show.


If it’s true about the thralls and pets decay timers being active all along it’s sad news, but not the end of the world, I did ponder my options a few weeks ago when got tired of waiting and not playing Conan, pondered quiting all together or changing to PVE server but neither felt right, so I’ve totally enjoyed my Siptah experience to the fullest since and feel like just scrached the surface of it. Not considering myself a fool at all.


Hello Immortalowl,

I am glad you are enjoying your time with Siptah. However, according to your posts, your ability to enjoy the game again was entirely reliant upon spending another $20 on content which does not fix the present issues with the affected PVE-C servers.

The issues currently in play are potentially prone to having the work on them slowed or stalled when the focus of the team is split between fixing problems and making new content. Looking at this from a business perspective, you would not fix problems hastily because that yields almost no profit. However, making something to be sold as dlc does yield profit.

Buying the dlc enables this behaviour because the company is rewarded for stagnation in problem solving.

My question to you is this: if the Siptah servers were to have similar problems to the currently relevant PVE-C servers, would you pay yet another $20 on the next dlc to enjoy the game again?


I had a thought.

Does G-Portal do backups on its servers?

If they do, perhaps a rollback would be possible.

This may result in some loss for those that may have been able to access the server, but could restore the significant loss due to Thrall decay.

Again, not sure if this would be possible, just trying to think of things to help folks thru this difficult situation.


Hello Rollotomozi,

G-Portal does not do automatic backups of its servers, only backups by request.

It is not impossible for a backup to have been created per request. However, it is unlikely due to the amount of time that has passed.