The New Missions

Hi, is it just me or the rarity of the two missions added this week is impossible? It’s been almost a week and I didn’t get either , couple of my cabal mates tried to share and nothing happened, if funcom wants to add new missions that players like to get into and stay in the game it shouldn’t be RNG based AT ALL. I’m really deciding to leave the game if things stay the same. Yes we like to play new missions but what’s the purpose of making them RNG based??? This is not slightly fun al all :frowning:

As invites become more plentiful and peole just play (and as such get more and more gearbags) stuff should come to you over time. These missions strike me more as designed for someone that just started to get on there way to finishing stuff up and the difficulty of the Tank commander I think strengthen that idea.

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Two missions? I am aware of a box that might drop into your quest inventory and if you have done all the missions in game you can then try and run a very difficult mission to get a chance of dropping a previously missing museum item. I have run something like 80 missions this week (lost count) and have not yet seen this box. I have also not seen any other new item, or mission, nor received any SMS like some people apparently have.

Anyway, I agree, SWL devs are way too excited about everything being RNG.

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Personally I would enjoy this design idea if SWL was a game, you get every month or two some decent content. In our situation this is more likely to p*** off more people than enjoy it.

I think it kinda depends on what you view as decent content.

In the past year, we’ve had South Africa, then 2 months later we had all the anniversary stuff, then 2 months later we got Faction missions, then 2 months later there was stonehenge, 2 months later Dark Agartha, 2 months later Stonehenge group, 2 months later we get the Rosenbrawl and Tank Commander.

Now it’s possible that none of that appealed to you, but it’s not a bad record in terms of regularly releasing new stuff (albeit small stuff) for us to do.

I can’t really comment on how the Tank Commander is, as I’m still box hunting :slight_smile:


Stonehenge group was no new content. Just opened up existing content for groups. Faction missions are no new content, just new for SWL. Is Rosenbrawl some PvP thing? Then I will not comment, not a PvP person. Also still boxhunting (100+ missions now)…

EDIT: although I do like the SWL faction missions

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You should be due for one soon! I’ve been doing 2x Kaiden/SA side mission runs per day since Tuesday which yields about 350-400 green bags a day. Just got my third box at the end of my second run last night. So ballpark drop rate so far seems about 1:500 green bags.


I am at about 400 bags myself now, keep staring at my story item box as I open greens hoping to see something…peculiar…appear.


I have ran over 100 missions this week and no box yet :frowning:, will do more today but I don’t have time to run all area missions daily, that’s why RNG sucks for players with my situation.

But that’s the problem, of the content above, barely half qualifies as ‘new’ in any capacity. Stonehenge group definitely doesn’t qualify, same with faction missions, tank commander and, I’d argue, even Rosenbrawl (it simply took one of the game’s most borked systems, which up until then had been mercifully restricted to a few terrible missions, and turned into a minor PvP thing). Even the DA bosses are basically recolors and mostly rehash of previous abilities. SA and Stonehenge are the only things I’d dare qualify as new content, and it definitely doesn’t make up for what didn’t carry over from TSW to SWL.

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Even the DA bosses are basically recolors and mostly rehash of previous abilities.

I for one can’t recall seeing even half the attacks outside of DA. The grahical effects in some diffrent caacity sure but not the attacks themself. The bosses themself are for the most part similar or already existing enemies but it would be considerabe more work to make up enemies for every new mode and things like the damaged gatekeeer and the second differ quite a bit from their previous versions.

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I suppose it’s no surprise I’m not getting these new missions then if it’s 1 in 500 bags, I think on an average day I open 8… why are people running so many missions sheesh. I get all the ap/sp I need for DA by running a lair and 2 other missions.

One chance every 2 months to try the mission seems low to me but I guess since I’m IP1300 and capped AP/SP I’m not the target audience?

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It always amazes me just how much ppl underestimate the amount of work some of these things take.

There were entirely new specials added to the mix. The scaling was made depended on the number of ppl in the group, nvm the testing phase of it All. New scaling when it comes to which specials to Spawn, how many and how frequently.

The scaling of solo missions was entirely new with these missions, two of the missions had to be completely revoiced for Dragon.

Missions had to be created, some abilities were new, area had to be created, NPCs with their individual abilities had to be created

Entire area had to be create. Scaling testing, which fun fact isnt just the damage and hp value. New NPC models. All the modules and randomization. The Elaborate tier, the IP recalculation.