The New World! 3x harvest, 5x XP, 1 vault, 1 main base, 1 outpost, no bubble/gods, PVP - EU

Yo! - It’s a european server! and it’s for PC!

Tonight at 22:00, I’ll purchase a 40 slot server, and call it what I’ve written above :slight_smile:

What i’ve written there are the basic rules, I’ll write em more in depth tomorrow.

Then why are you notifying about such an incomplete server? Well, it’s kind of spontanous, I’ve tried to find a decent server with decent rules now, but I keep running into admins that does not enforce their rules, or allow liancy to a few sacred ones. No more, I’ll be an active admin, I’ll be playing the game aswell, and We’ll have a limited window for raiding, I’d like for the people playing the server to decide how that window should look, but we’ll start out with 17 - 23 in week days and 15 - 24 in weekends.

And the reason I chose to promote it is because I want to give people a chance to start the day 1 progression :slight_smile:

There’ll be no pay to win either(I won’t be selling t4 thralls or building parts like many other communities does), my income is fine, so i’ll maintain and pay for the server no problem.

I’ll post the direct link here at 22:00 when it opens, or you can join the discord here:

As an admin and a player, I’ll be streaming when I play on the server

There will be admin made map rooms scattered around the map, close to different obelisks, for an example near brimstone lake… The server will in general be open to ideas like this, and we’ll do community pools about stuff like this when the server gets big enough It’s up and rolling