The Pick-Up - Three Doors Bug

So it’s important to preface that I run this mission basically daily (or at least, it’s part of my cycle for meeting the daily challenges and I run that cycle most days and have done for about as long as SWL has been up). This is only the second time this has happened to me, and I lodged an in-game ticket last time it happened, but since it has now happened twice I figure I should make a more permanent bug report.

At the three doors stage of this mission (after the trip lasers/Phoenicians stage), you flip a switch by a door, the door opens and it either has a draugr behind it of some variety or (if it’s the left or centre door, randomly chosen) it’s an actual passageway you can go through.

The bug is: sometimes all three doors are draugr doors.

Obviously given that I have run this mission literally hundreds and hundreds of times, two occurrences of this bug makes it a pretty rare bug. There does not appear to be anything odd leading up to this stage that might indicate what causes it so far as I have been able to tell, and returning to Kingsmouth and then re-entering the tunnels will reset the three doors without needing to redo any of the previous stages and then the doors will work correctly.

But it’s not meant to happen, so… figured I’d mention it.