The S*x Cauldron - Australian PvP server, fair raiding hours, 2xEverything, Fresh as of 20/5/2018


Desc - Thanks for checking out our post, just want to give you a short rundown on what to expect on the server. The admins and mods of The ■■■ Cauldron have all come from survival game backgrounds (Rust, DayZ Arma 2 mod, Arma 3 Exile mod, Ark) we have hosted successful servers for all those games in the past.

After spending time on an Official Server, we realized that it wouldn’t be viable for long term play, and that they weren’t setup for people wanting a good, fair fight (mainly just big clans, with lots of hoarded loot who got toxic in chat.)

So we set out to make our own, we’ve set the server parameters to what we think is ideal and fair.

TLDR: Admins come from survival games, had successful servers in past, enjoy fair fights? Come join.

Server Parameters:

  • 2x Gather.

  • 2x Thrall.

  • 2x Experience.

  • Short nights.

  • Fair raiding and god hours.

(5pm - 11.30pm weekdays/weekend)

  • 30 slots

  • Experienced & unobtrusive admins

Server IP: