The Savage Sword Saga - Classes + Racial Perks [RP PvP RPG]

"These lands are a prison; treacherous environments swallow what remain of a civilization collapsed… Little could tell that this was a place where powerful kingdoms ruled, and a bustling economy once thrived.The husk of hopes, ideals, and war remain. Now, it is you who is trapped behind this magic barrier of unspoken sorcery, to survive or die in the harshest conditions Hyboria has to offer you…

Perhaps you belong here, prisoner; perhaps you do not. It hardly matters now, for you were given a chance at life again.So journey, and enter the lands of the Savage Sword at your own peril - a fate forever unfolding as you establish your territory and build your history. Dare to create your legacy amongst the shattered remains of what great civilizations once stood. And ask yourself…

How will your tale be remembered?"

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