The Scarlet Cage (18+ E/RP Season 1)

Server Name: The Scarlet Cage (ERP)
Server Info: [US EC], RP-PvP (PC)
Discord: Scarlet Cage
Server Lore: Custom
Server Map: The Isle of Tir Na Nog - Summer

Age Restriction: 18+ [Adult themes throughout]

Welcome to the Cage.

The Exiled Lands are in fact an open air prison, however, on The Scarlet Cage, they are a well maintained social, ■■■■■■ experience, maintained and regulated by terrible, unknowable deities from beyond who believe lesser races of humans, magical beings, and monsters are playthings that exist for their amusement.

What began a century ago as a means to settle disputes between gods via proxy has evolved over the years. The Gods, known to Prisoners as The Endless now use the Scarlet Cage as a form of entertainment and experimentation. They take many people and creatures at random, however all of them possess some unique quality or power that has caught the Endless’ eye.

Core principles of our server are: Community, Inclusion, Consent, and Fantasy Exploration. We are striving to create a unique ■■■■■■ roleplay experience for players who are interested in deep storylines, personalized plotlines, and political intrigue along with their spice. What we offer:

NPC factions and Quests that involve politics and morality (or lack thereof)
Custom Dungeons
Virtually no restrictions on character creation, the limit is your imagination.
All players have the ability to /cheat nocost for free building to enable you to get into RP quicker.
A focus on community, erotica, and fantasy.
A friendly community Custom RR Character sheet (currently under development with player input)
A Prey and Capture System for Adventurous Players
A unique dice pvp system with custom magic schools. Active Admin staff running faction npcs and plotlines.
A weekly auction where players can sell themselves or those whom they have captured (within consent guidelines)

Mod List:

Server Information:• Server Type: PC / 18+ RP PVP / High Fantasy / Text-based / USEC location• Map: The Isle of Tir Na Nog• Key settings: Drop on Death with AHDS / No purge / No avatars / Chars start at 60 / Level 300/ Bodies do not stay in the world