There is no vibration in the controller

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: Bug

There is no vibration in the controller.
When will vibration Bug heal?

Hello @sslee, thank you for getting in touch!

Which version / region of the game are you playing?
Are you using an original PS4 controller or a compatible one?
Did the vibration function never work for you, or is this a recent issue?

Region: South Korea(ver.Conan Exiles) & Japan(ver. Conan Outcast)… Both have no vibration.
Model: PS4 Pro
New Original PS4 Controller.
I commented on the official forum about six months ago.
Server PVE # 4121

Thank you for the additional information, we’ll be sure to poke the devs in this regard.

Thank you. Conan is the best!

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