TheVoid Server Wiped as of 10/25/20

Good morning,

I want to provide an amazing server to play on for Islands. This server wiped on 10/25/2020 and there is already 30-40 players on the server. The admins are very helpful and the community is also super helpful. This being my 3rd time building and pvping on this game. The first server was islands and extremely low pop to get the feel for the game the 2nd server was siptah which i wasn’t a big fan of. Than i decided to try a fresh server and actually have a chance and being competitive in terms of pvp and base locations. Well if anyone is new or just wants to pvp, raid, ect Check out TheVoid on the server list and i am sure you will not be disappointed. Info Below to help find it.

(10/25)TheVoid[Exiled][3X][FAST DEDI][FASTCRAFT][NO MODS]

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