This Tree can't be harvest

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This tree can’t be harvest:
coordinates: 34.535,055,85.509,93,-8.476,508

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There is multiple rocks trees that can’t be harvested that I found but did not want to go through posting about it since there is quite a few but you will find more I’ve found for sure

Also you seem to be moded so that’s not the problem since I’m on Xbox and obviously can’t get mods in case dev ask to try with out mods

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Well, I can confirm that this specific tree cannot be harvested even on vanilla without mods. However, this tree also doesn’t look like the trees that you can harvest. The tree on the picture is much smaller than the ones that you can harvest. It is probably just a decoration :slight_smile:

It’s not smaller it is sunken into the ground which is part of the reason it can’t be harvested I would guess and I’m on single player and went under ground and saw it sunken

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Alright, it still one tree in a forest :slight_smile: At best the developers will acknowledge the issue but I can’t imagine it being on top of their priority list for fixes. Anyway, I can confirm that one tree over there cannot be harvested.

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As has already been mentioned, not all stuff can be farmed and harvested. This is not a bug. On modded servers this is more often the case because some mods allow player-placed stuff that cannot be harvested at all. In this case you have found one of the un-harvestable trees out there. A plus is that if you had to build in that spot, it should not affect stability. I personally would not build there as there could be some other reason for it and that there is a dungeon or other in-game feature nearby/planned, etc.

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Hey there,

We’ll send note about this obstinate tree.
thanks for the feedback.


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