Thoughtful HISTORICAL/LORE Server for Serious Players

Hi everyone,

Do you want to play on a thoughtful, historical server with meaningful lore? I am over 35 years old, and think that Conan Exiles has lots of totally unused potential. It can be a really thoughtful experience, with several regionally-appropriate clans, with their own region- and race-limited religion, and meaningful interaction among them.

Basically, if you are not happy with all the current cookie-cutter services that are either ■■■ or cookie cutter RP or thoughtless pvp, this can be for you. I anticipate people older than ~20-25 years old would be the most interested.

I am willing to rent a top-notch server to run this. If there are at least several dozen interested people - and better if there are ~100 - it will be a lot of fun.

In addition, I propose these settings to keep things fun:

  • 10x harvest amount;
  • 4x production speed;
  • Quick (around 10k vs. 45k), level 6 purge;
  • 2.5x damage dealt by NPCs;
  • Much slower or off building decay, because running around a 1,000-block structure repairing it all is a waste of time;
  • 4x day and night cycle to make them meaningful.

Each clan can start with some amount of admin-given brick building blocks to save time on getting them started up.

So… who is interested? Is anyone over around 25 years old here playing the game?

I would be interested