Thrall duplicate exploit

Game mode: [Online ]
Problem: Bug
Region: [Everywhere]

After all the performance glitches we have to endure, now there is a duplication exploit as well… just like the duping on ark which completely ruined legacy official. People are mass duplicating archpriest, screenshots have already been sent out to the dev’s on twitter, this means the official server have to be wiped, or at least the one’s that duplicated, which is probably impossible to find, and they will never wipe, so the game is already ruined after 2 weeks, unofficial is where it’s at!

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Duplicate thralls
2.Break official
4. Go unofficial

Archpriest can be duplicated only in case if it would spawn twice one after another which means that you will not get more archpriests this way, so it’s not “Dup” but copy by enforcing respawn without killing NPC(by knocking it down), no reason to wipe.

But there are still clans and screenshots out there which show more archpriest then our tribe has thralls so idk

I can make a screenshot standing in a middle 100 of archpriests, by just spawning them on my own server, without proofs this screens means nothing

Yes but the thing is that the dev’s replied to it and just said “sorry for any troubles, dev’s are looking into it” So it’s pretty real

Lol yes game is ruined, my God, it’s all over! WON"T SOMEONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN?!

And the dev’s are probably looking into it to see if it is real as they look into anything that pops up, so that doesn’t mean anything

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Yeah that’s what they have to say to their community to show that they “care”, you probably never played ark? Same thing " wE aRe LoOkInG iNtO iT" while never fixing anything, and when they finally introduce some kind of patch, it just breaks alot of more things. It’s aaaalways like this with every early access survival game developer and if you don’t know this, you should do more research. Every time this happens, these people don’t know how popular their type of game is and can’t support it, they just want money and they got it, now they couldn’t care less

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Just find a way for real dup before starting to panic and wipe requesting

Im going unofficial anyway, people spammed our base full of foundations and the decay timer is 48 days we can’t do anything anymore and they have no admins on official servers so yeah rip

Decay timer on officials is 6-7 days

Shall I post a screenshot with the exact numbers? What do I have to gain by lying about this lol? i’ve put 10 days into official, lets just quit like that, seriously

Decay is refreshing every time owner is around, so 10 days isn’t something unpredictable if you didn’t push your enemies away

Conan exiles is completely broken post dupe glitch. Cheater clans now have unlimited everything that they cheated to get and are using to ruin everyone else game. Even Ark wiped all servers when they had a similar incident a month after release. They knew it was the only real solution. Conan cheaters currently have 1,000s of black ice foundations they duped as well as unlimited materials to make unlimited explosives, unlimited everything. We had our base with at least 800 black ice foundations foundation wiped yesterday by a solo player who said he has 1,000s of demon blood alone. The same player who has almost every good base location in the game blocked on official server 2650. He said they have basically unlimited everything and is demanding everyone with a good base spot move. We spend 100s and 100s of hours grinding base materials, they destroy it all with a tiny fraction of the stuff they duped in a few days of cheating they are unraidable. Why would funcom not wipe after such a game breaking dupe glitch? Removing explosives did absolutely nothing. A couple groups still have unlimited everything they cheated to get and the rest of us have no chance. At least give us some new servers so we can at least have the option to go to a non broken game. No one was really upset when they wiped Ark after the similar game breaking dupe there. Game population actually went up after wipe, not down. The cheaters are the only ones really not wanting a wipe. Most of us feel the game is pointless after funcom allowed some players to cheat and get unlimited everything, and use it to ruin everyone else’s game. Please help.

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When did ark wipe? There was the split to legacy and non legacy but I don’t remember a wipe

no wipe just ban the cheaters