Thrall Weapon 0 Dmg?

thrall weapons do no dmg. do you also have the bug that some weapons equipped by a thrall do no more damage? the Sword of Crom does 0 dmg?

Sword of Crom doing 0 damage when held by thralls is intentional.

Not popular among the community, but intentional.


Says who? Please show me where this has been said because I’m genuinely curious.

It is in the 3.0 patchnotes.

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Ok thx. Makes no sense to me but oh well

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why do you have to break a game even more? the sword is then absolutely pointless.

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makes no sense either… the developers should have expanded the game better. more maps more caves … but no you patch it broken as always

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Playing earlier today Brittle Bastard and others were doing damage apologize just woke up from nap :sleeping:

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