Thralls do not equal the time and effort used to create them

If I spend time knocking out a thrall, dragging it to my home, then hours on the wheel of pain, it shouldnt die from 2 wacks from another player, AND it shouldn’t just stand there and let them do it.


Thralls are extra help, not the main line of defense. You are!
They are tools that work only if you use them right. The fighters should be used in tight spaces and for open spaces use archers set high. If the thralls would be as tough as you want them, well than you would not be able to fight them… let alone club them over the head till they fall asleep. Try capturing a thrall in the north at level 10 and you will understand !

I have, there are weak, they die in two hits even in heavy armor, barely attack at all, and dont seem to do much of anything. They dont heal themselves and just stand there getting hit. So explain to me how that equals 7 hours on the wheel of pain.

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I have multiple named thralls in Silent Legion armor with Legendary weapons, and they absolutely demolish players. The pirate captain is using a two handed hammer and he has one-shot people while we were defending against a raid. Even my nordheimer chick who is using a legendary sword and shield is pretty amazing.

You may want to try playing on a private server, as the desynch isn’t nearly as bad (if it’s a good server), and the ping is much, much better. It sounds to me like someone just ran up and killed your thrall because of server performance.

Im talking about the PS4 version, thralls do not heal, do not attack, they fall through the ground, they do not do anything at all, this is tested on solo, pve, and pvp.

Good to see not much has changed in 4 months. They still aren’t worth it! I wish they just weren’t in the way all the time, move dammit! :thinking:

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