Thralls going through blocks

Anyone else having problems with captured and placed thralls falling through blocks that they are standing on.

Yep. Lots of people. There’s quite a few threads about this topic already.

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ok good im not crazy. I’m always like, “I put 2 thralls here yesterday where did they go!?”

I get this when the pruge also teleports enemies onto the top of my platforms. No matter where i place the building they do it. Be it Land, Water, Under a stone arch.

Yes ita big problem, well combat thralls is quite useless but need to have some dansers around atleast. and ine off then did danse out thrue the wall and in to the lake wher i had to pick her upp.

I want a dancer that can move like that.
Mine falls through the foundations and dies. If she could just phase through… Problem solved.

I had a thrall just dissapear. I think what happened was he has high up on a kind of bridge and he probably fell through the floor and in that location if you fall you go into the earth, lol. So he’s probably underground or something.
(I fell in that exact spot a few times and had a hard time getting my stuff back, lol. My old dead body was embedded in the ground and I had to chop it up and then when the bag spawned I could crouch and get the contents. So I assume that happened to the thrall when it fell through.)

Is this how you recovered the thrall, too?

Nah - just my own body several times while building an overlook spot. I can’t find the thrall. It was just level 1 so no big loss

Yeah I figured. I just thought it was funny. I was imagining you looking down at your helpless thrall and then chopping him up so you could set him free.

I wonder if the thralls are just trying to escape and its not actually a bug…woooaaaah

Maybe. My thralls are always trying to commit suicide on the blade of my axe.
They’re looking for any way out.

What a feature! What will Funcom think of next!?

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