Thralls Not Respawning After Captured on the Boat - PC

Platform: PC
Game mode: Private
Version: 94750/17645 (can be read from bottom right on main menu, or at the bottom of the ingame menu)
Problem: Bug

I have caught 6 or so thralls off the Black Hand Boat, and none of them are respawning. I caught an alchemist, a smelter, a cook, a named armor, black hand captain, carpenter and a priest. The bottom half of the boat where the carpenter and priest were caught is bone dry has been for about 6 respawn cycles. The section near the stairs where I found the smelter and named armor has refused to respawn anything minus the fighter who guards them. At the front of the ship I found a Black Hand Captain it has been empty for 2 days now since I caught her on my first trip on to the boat, at least a dozen respawn cycles have gone off if not 2 dozen since then…

Can’t tell if its all of them I captured or just the artisans, and the Captain. I recall capturing dafari camp archers near newb river and they respwaned fine, seems like either was last hotfix or its just the Boat’s databases broken when you capture on it.

Repro steps:
1.Capture NPCs
2.Put on Wheel
3.Come back over and over again to find more thralls over course of two days
4.Do not see anything spawn in the place of thralls you captured

I can confirm this - if you kill an NPC it will respawn - capture it and it will not respawn until a server restart - this has been happening on my hosted server since the last hotfix - running rev 94750/17645 - I am seeing this at the Den as well. NPC respawn multiplier is at default (1.0)

Hopefully it gets fixed around 1.0. I was hopping to do a slave trade business with my other players on the server who have trouble with finding good spots for slaving, and are too far from the Boat. Found a nice spot on the cliff and put the man hours in to install an elevator so I can go down to a region with wood, as area around boat is barren of it.

Was hopping to keep that wheel full and do some bartering for thralls for goods like steel, or giant bushels of processed wood, but instead I got the nicest thralls on the server but can’t get any more to spawn for me to trade with :stuck_out_tongue:

The devs are aware of this, we brought this up in the last hotfix thread.

TY for info but I rather post it and be redundant then not post it and go “why no fix for that bug I never reported?” down the road