Thralls take damage when using map room to Sinkhole

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    • Game mode: Official
    • Game type: PvE
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Used map room to fast travel from Frost Temple area down to the sinkhole after fighting the event Mammoth. Thralls health were about 1500 remaining after the fight. Upon arriving at the sinkhole I spawned off to the side closer to the sinkhole.

Noticed shortly after running away to the next destination that only one thrall was still with me (running war party) checked the log and saw the message “Elvar owned by Bloodsworn died. (2)” looked around the sinkhole obelisk to retrieve the gear and couldn’t find the body.

Fast tracked back to the north (other thralls health was fine and fully healed by then) searched for the body and still couldn’t find the body.

Map room traveled again to sinkhole and realized the thrall with me went from 3295 HP down to 900. I still spawned in the side of the obelisk closest to the sinkhole. (Think the edge of the obelisk platform that hangs over the top of the sink hole)

Used a nearby map room in the desert to fast travel to the sinkhole again and the thralls HP remained at full and I spawned next to the journel instead of the outside edge of the obelisk.

Fast traveled to the north by the frost temple to retest the conditions and the issue occurred again leaving the remaining thrall with 875 HP from 3295 HP. Still spawned on the side closest to the sinkhole instead of near the journel.

Both thralls are Crimmerian Berserkers.

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I can confirm this is happening. I thought my thralls spawned into the dragon’s path at the time but I did the near exact same thing. Thrall and I took down Hunt Mammoth and he had half life left, 1500-1700 hp, went to sinkhole to go after the rhino and noticed he was down to 500 hp.

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Lost another thrall from full HP of 6620 this time when teleporting to the Sinkhole Obelisk.

Thralls body was found down in the sinkhole near the dragon. Was not able to interface with the thralls body until I closed the game client and logged back in.

Event log just shows “Solfrid owned by Bloodsworn died. (2)”

The other thrall following was put to 300 HP remaining from 4,576.

The thrall that died was a Sonja while the surviving thrall is a berserker.

Yeah I had one bearer III reduced to 400 hp on a server I was playing today. I hope this is on the hot fix list.

Pretty sure this is the fall damage bug they introduced recently.